Dental Implant


Today, when implants are placed and restored directly by a prosthodontist such as Dr. Shaw, the process can be shortened and simplified. Dr. Shaw is a board certified prosthodontist who has also completed a two year surgical implant fellowship at New York University. For these reasons, Dr. Shaw can plan and carry out the entire treatment from start to finish. This tends to reduce the number of appointments for dental implant procedures and the number of invasive procedures required. In fact, as mentioned before, it is possible in some cases to place the implants and restore them with a temporary bridge in the same appointment (Teeth-in-a-Day).


Implants are titanium fixtures that are secured in a patient’s jawbone to replace the root of the missing tooth.

Once the implant is placed and integrated, it is attached to a crown in order to fully replace the function and appearance of a natural tooth. Implants can also be used as anchors for removable appliances, such as complete or partial dentures. Implants are durable and functional, allowing you to continue eating whatever foods you like without concerns about your teeth.


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