Implant Supported


Because of the natural look and feel of the porcelain and the stable functioning provided by the implants, implant supported bridges are an effective solution to replace multiple missing teeth.

An implant supported bridge is a dental bridge that is secured to two or more dental implants rather than relying on the adjacent natural teeth for support.

When a bridge uses natural teeth for attachment, the teeth must be prepared (shaved down) for crowns. Once the bridge is placed, the natural teeth will be subjected to increased stress that can be damaging - particularly if the existing tooth, roots, or surrounding bone structure are already compromised.


The use of dental implants to secure a dental bridge ensures that you get optimal function from the prosthetic teeth as well as reduction in the resorption of the bone.

In addition, not having the bridge attached to the adjacent, natural teeth eliminates the need to prepare them and reduces the load placed on them. Undue stress may occasionally cause problems and adversely affect the overall oral health.


For patients with missing teeth, implant bridges often offer a comfortable, natural-looking solution with many critical benefits. It offers an attractive, functional, and long-term solution that will not require support from your healthy, surrounding teeth.

Implant supported bridge may be the right solution if you have lost multiple teeth.

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