As the name would suggest, this area of dentistry is centered on restoring the function of the teeth and occlusion (bite). As a leading prosthodontist, Dr. Shaw is exceptionally well versed in the latest techniques and technology that make this process easier and the results better.

Restorative dentistry has one main purpose : the full restoration of the function and health of the teeth and occlusion (bite). Although the goal may be singular, how we achieve this may be quite diverse. Dr. Shaw’s years of experience allow him to thoroughly evaluate not only the area of concern in isolation, but also how this relates to the overall system that affects oral health and occlusion.

The goal of restorative dentistry is to assist patients recapture oral health with procedures that rebuild the function and improve the appearance of teeth. We feel that it is very important to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, and whether a tooth requires full or partial replacement. In addition, we will opt for the best solutions that look and function like your own natural teeth.

Once the assessment is done, several options are presented and recommendations will be made. Treatment can include a variety of procedures including inlays/onlays, dental crowns, implants and/or dentures. Dr. Shaw’s tailored treatment plans take advantage of the advancements in restorative dentistry to offer a minimally invasive and optimally functional solution.

Although function is the cornerstone of restorative dentistry, the esthetic results are stunning. This area of dentistry allows people to truly enjoy healthy AND beautiful smiles!


Inlays and Onlays

While crowns replace all the tooth structure, inlays and onlays will replace only the diseased portion of the tooth structure. If composite fillings or full crowns are not an option, we turn to inlays and onlays as a solution. To restore a patient's smile, we can use tooth-colored porcelain to precisely match your tooth shade, although some patients may opt for gold restorations instead.


Composite Fillings/Bondings

We use composite fillings/bonding to restore the decayed portion of your tooth and also to replace old silver amalgam fillings. We will match the composite material to the rest of your tooth and use a specialized ultraviolet light to cure (set) the material in a matter of seconds. Composite restorations are recommended for small cavities and fillings on your front teeth.



A denture is known as a removable replacement for missing teeth. There are two main types of dentures : complete (full) and partial dentures.

Complete (full) dentures are fabricated after all the teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw have been removed and the gum tissue has healed. The denture includes an acrylic base that is custom made in the dental laboratory and is built to look like natural gums, which rests over the gums or can be anchored to dental implants.

Removable partial dentures are fabricated when only a few teeth need to be replaced. The removable partial denture usually attaches to crowns or to natural teeth on both sides. Removable partial dentures may also be supported in place by attaching them to dental implants.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

In situations where extensive wear or damage of the natural dentition has occurred, full mouth reconstruction may be the treatment plan of choice.

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