Complications in Implant Therapy

January 1, 2021

While over the past several decades implant therapy has been remarkably successful in addressing challenging patient needs, the wise practitioner remains informed about potential surgical, treatment and posttreatment complications. The presence of both biologic (e.g., bone loss, soft tissue inflammation, nerve damage) and mechanical (e.g., restorative material wear/fracture, loss of prosthesis retention, screw loosening, component failure) complications must be accurately identified and quickly addressed to avoid unfavorable outcomes. Continuous review of pertinent professional literature on this topic is a necessity. This issue of Prosthodontics Newsletter considers complications encountered in implant dentistry.

Inside this issue:

  • Mandibular Overdentures on Stud Abutments
  • Factors Associated with Early Implant Failure
  • Implants with Lower Crown-to-Implant Ratios
  • Restoration Success in General Practices



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