Esthetics and Full-Arch Implant Restorations

April 1, 2024

Management of edentulous patients with implant restorations can have a dramatic impact on the esthetic appearance of the dentofacial complex. Failure to visualize the intended result during diagnosis often renders definitive restorations inadequate structurally, functionally and esthetically. Appreciating factors that influence the esthetics of full-arch implant-supported
restorations will permit their diagnostic consideration before therapy onset rather than after prosthesis placement, when it may be too late to make needed changes. In this issue of Prosthodontics Newsletter, we present a few esthetic considerations affecting the outcomes of these complicated restorations.

  • Satisfaction with Maxillary Implant-supported Dentures
  • Satisfaction with Maxillary Dentures
  • A Template for Prosthesis Design
  • Wax Try-in as a Planning Tool



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