Implant Crown Cementation and Residual Subgingival Cement

January 1, 2022

The adverse impact of residual luting material in the peri-implant subgingival sulcus is generally well known. Successful practitioners using implant-supported fixed prosthodontics must stay well informed of the profession’s maturing understanding of risk factors associated with cemented fixed-implant restorations, clinical cementation protocols directed at reducing and controlling the extrusion of excess luting material into the peri-implant subgingival area, and design characteristics of crowns and prostheses that may help reduce residual excess cement. This issue of Prosthodontics Newsletter reviews studies of clinical placement techniques designed to optimally manage implant crown cementation in light of known adverse outcomes.

Inside this issue:

  • Cellular Reaction to Luting Cements
  • An Effective Precementation Technique
  • Cementation Protocols for Fixed Partial Dentures
  • Excess Cement with Custom Abutments



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